Smile with cariPRO Electronic Toothbrush

If you know me at all, then you know that my smile means the WORLD to me. I have always been obsessed with how white and clean my teeth are. If you don’t believe me, just ask my Aunt Cindy, she’ll tell you.

With that being said, I have some very exciting news for you. Smile Brilliant has recently launched their cariPRo Electric Toothbrush!

They have been so kind and have sent it to me to try out and share my thoughts with you.

I would first like to say, if you have never used an electronic toothbrush before, then you are missing out, they are a game changer. My teeth feel so much cleaner and whiter since I started using the cariPRO. I strongly believe that this toothbrush gets the job done.

There are 5 different settings to choose from, I personally love the white setting. I feel like it not only cleans my teeth, but it helps prevent stains from my coffee or tea.

Clean, White, Massage, Gum Care, Sensitive

The set that I received came with the Ultrasonic toothbrush, two brush heads, and a charger.

Did you think that I was going to share all of this awesome news with you and not host a giveaway? Silly you! Make sure that you enter for your chance to win! All you have to do is click right here! Entering is so simple, all that you have to do is; click the link, enter your name, and email address. It’s really that simple.

If you just can’t wait for the giveaway and need to buy your toothbrush right now, you can use the code bakersfield20 for 20% off.

If you have questions about any of the Smile Brilliant products, you can click here to get to their FAQ page.

I have worked with Smile Brilliant a few times and they have never let me down. I love them and will always order through them. #smilefearlessly

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Winter Night Routine

The mall is playing Christmas music, it’s cold outside, and there are Christmas lights all around! I love the holidays! This is a time for family, friends, and loved ones. To celebrate these cold, wonderful times, I am sharing my winter night routine with you. You might want to stay tuned until the end, there will be a GIVEAWAY!


I don’t know about you, but as soon as I walk through the door, I like to throw my hair in a bun and change into some comfy clothes. After that, my night can begin! Now that the chill nights are upon us, I love to make myself a nice cup of hot chocolate, with extra marshmallows! I will also plug the lights in on both Christmas trees. Yes, we have two trees, don’t judge us (haha).



There is nothing like lighting a candle when I get home from a long day. It just makes the house that much cozier! A good Christmas movie is a must for me during the holiday season, on this particular night I watched Elf and enjoyed my yummy hot chocolate.


After drinking my hot chocolate, it’s time to clean and whiten my teeth. I have been using Smile Brilliant for about 6 months now and I will not use anything else!  I will first go in with the whitening gel. While that is doing its job, I will work on some blog posts, edit some photos, take a look at my emails, and check to see if I have any Poshmark orders!



Times up! Now for the desensitizing gel, I hate when my teeth get sensitive, Smile Brilliant makes sure that sensitive teeth aren’t an option. Check out this article all about tooth sensitivity.

If you are still wondering what Smile Brilliant is, let me shed some light on you. They are an amazing at home teeth whitening company and they offer custom fitted, teeth whitening trays! If you need to do a little more research, please be my guest. Here are some testimonials from customers. Enjoy!

Now that my teeth are cleaned and fresh; I will lay in my bed, read a book, or play on my phone until I fall asleep. What does your night time routine look like?img_8705 2-1

Do you remember at the beginning of this post when I said that I have a giveaway for you? Well, here it is: you will have the chance to receive a $139 credit to Smile Brilliant! They have been so kind and are giving you a chance to win! All you have to do is click on the link below and enter! The giveaway will end in two weeks, so make sure that you enter!

This giveaway is open to the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. If you are just so excited and need to try this product now, you can use the code bakersfieldbeautyblogger15 to receive %15 off storewide. How does that sound? Amazing, I know.

I would like to thank Smile Brilliant for sponsoring this post, you are seriously the best!


How to get a whiter smile + Giveaway!

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If there was only one thing that you could control about yourself, what would it be? Would it be to control your weight? How fast your hair would grow in a month? What about how white your smile is? Weight has always been a struggle for me, so I can’t help you there. Want longer hair? Take lots and lots of vitamins. As for a whiter smile, I found a solution!

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted a white smile. A smile so amazing, everyone would compliment me. I use to watch the teeth whitening commercials and think, “how can my smile look like hers?”. If I can’t control my weight or my hair, you can bet you ass that I am going to control my smile! Well, what are the steps that I need to take to a bright smile? Of corse I need to brush my teeth constantly, flossing is a must, and the elimination large amounts of tea and coffee (I need my caffeine). I also need some sort of teeth whitening routine that doesn’t cost a fortune. Yes, I can go get those white strips, but they constantly slip and slide around. I want to make sure that the whitening gel covers all of my teeth, not just the front ones.

 Smile Brilliant has that covered!


If you have never heard of Smile Brilliant, give me a few minutes to explain. Also if you stay until the end, there may be giveaway for a teeth whitening kit of your own!

Smile Brilliant is an awesome at home teeth whitening system! It is the perfect way to get professional teeth whitening in the comfort of your own home, without breaking the bank! Did I mention that the whitening gel is vegan and cruelty free?

Every package will come with

  • Two impression trays
  • Three sets of impression material (top teeth, bottom teeth, and a back up for mistakes)
  • Professional lab service (only the best for the best)
  • Custom-fitted teeth whitening trays
  • Three-way postage (the lab covers the communication postage)
  • Professional teeth whitening gel & desensitizing gel syringes


This is seriously the best teeth whitening kit ever! I don’t have to worry about my teeth whitener not being evenly distributed. My teeth treys are made especially for me, no one else! It can be done without even leaving your house! They ship it right to your door and it only takes a few weeks to receive it. They are fast on their end, you just need to figure out how soon you want a whiter smile! Another great feature about this kit, is that it comes with desensitizing gel, you apply it immediately after you whiten, and it helps prevent your teeth from being sensitive! What other at home whitening kit can say that? That’s right, none. Smile Brilliant has been so kind, they are giving you 10% off of your purchase! Just use the code BakersfieldBeautyBlogger when you check out!

Check out their teeth whitening trays!


Here is a little before and after:



One winner will win $139 to spend with Smile Brilliant! You have two weeks to enter and all you have to do is submit your name and email here! BAMM! Just like that. Easy, right? Smile Brilliant will be contacting you by email, so make sure and check it! This giveaway is open to USA, UK, Canada, and Australia, but international winners are responsible for partial shipping. So make sure that you sign up!! It’s an awesome opportunity.

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This post is sponsored by Smile Brilliant, with that being said, all opinions are my own. I will not put products out there if I did not genuinely love them.