DIY Summer Wreath

Hello there! I know that you seen DIY in the title and just had to stop by! Summer is right around the corner, that means that it is time to decorate for summer! Today I made this cute little summer wreath and thought that I would share it with you. It is super simple and cost me less than $5 to make it.

To make this wreath you are going to need:

  • hula hoop (whatever size that you want) 
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • twine 
  • flowers of your choice
  • bow is optional


This project is very simple, but very time consuming. All I did to create this wreath is hot glue the twine around the hula hoop until the coop was completely covered. I made sure that that when I was gluing the twine down, I pulled it tight and close together.

Next I hot glued my flowers in place and All done!

Feel free to add a bow, I was going to at first and then decided that I liked it better without one.

Happy Crafting! 

Today’s Look

Hello my precious little sunflower! I hope that you are doing AMAZING on this fine day. Today I have a “Look of the Day” for you and I think that this is one of my favorite pieces from Charlotte Russe. I also have a picture for you of my before and after makeup look. It’s a pretty simple look and I ended up changing the lip to a darker color. So, if you would like to see my look for the day, keep scrolling down! 

Ahhhhhh….. Makeup, my favorite part of any day, I don’t know what it is. I could be having the worst day ever, but when I play with makeup, it all goes away. I have for sure come along way from when I first started playing with this junk.

Here is a before and after picture, what a difference a little bit of makeup and some eyelashes can do. Although I wasn’t feeling any eyeshadow, I think that this look turned out pretty darn good. Didn’t want to go too over the top in 100 degree weather. You feel me?

With that being said, You know that I had to rock the up do. I found a really simple way to style an up do, without just wearing a simple bun. My Hunny thinks that buns are ugly and my aunt thinks that they are lazy. So this is what I found, I will find the tutorial and link it here for you. Now on To the real reason that you are here, my dress. If you have read a couple of my previous posts, you could guess where this dress came from. For those of you that are just joining me for the first time, welcome, my name is Kelsey. I have seem to of lost my train of thought, oh yea, my dress! Two words, Charlotte Russe. The obsession with this store is real. Can’t seem to move on. 

I bought this dress for a wedding that I coordinated a couple of months ago. This was when I first really started stepping out of my comfort zone in the fashion scenes. Best decision I have ever made, aside from saying yes to marrying the love of my life. It’s a straight style dress with a beautiful pattern. It’s classy, cute AND comfortable! Triple threat, right? I love to find clothes that I look and feel amazing in. It’s one thing to look good, but to be able to relax and enjoy yourself? Mind blowing, really. I was able to look presentable and run around to make sure that bride and groom had the best day ever! This dress would be great for any occasion really; date night, church, wedding, BBQ, you name it! 

This dress has a couple of different patterns in it, but the way that they compliment each other, is un real. This dress can be paired a couple of ways. It can be styled like it is here; fancy up do, bling and heels. It can also be styled with some cute sandals and your hair down with a headband. Depends on the event and how I am feeling that day. 

Today I am feeling fancy! 

Here is a little behind the scenes picture of my photographer! She is pretty awesome, make sure and check her blog out. Kailynne’s Kaptures is her photography blog, she is pretty new to the blogging world.  If you check out her site, make sure and let her know that I sent you. This photo was captured by Kylie! She is also new to blogging, feel free to give them both some pointers. I’m sure that they would love some feedback. 

Summer Haul. 

I don’t know about you, but I am constantly complaining about not having any cute shirts. If you are like me and live in California, it has been hot since February. Yesterday I decided to pick up a couple of summer tops and found a few other things along the way. I hope that you enjoy! 

As I am walking through the mall, I think to my self “you need to buy clothes with patterens!” If you know me than you would know that I wear a lot of black. Black is slimming, easy to find and goes with everything, most of you can agree with me. I just recently went to a wedding and wore a gorgeous romper with fun colors and patterens on them. We are all at dinner and my Aunt Cindy tells me, “You should wear patterns more often, they look good on you.” When my aunt gives you a compliment, you take it. She is a very opinionated person and is not scared to tell you that you look horrible. So, when I walk into Old Navy, guess what I found?  This dress is bright and has cool patterns on them, just what I was looking for! 20$ not so bad, I figured that I could wear it for special occasions. I love clothes that don’t require me to wear pants. 

The next top that I picked up, of corse, is a black tank top. I know that I said that I wanted something different, but come on, it was half off and super cute! Can you blame me? Also from Old Navy, they are killing it on the sales right now. 

As I am making my way to the register and telling myself that those two items are plenty, I just happen to stumble upon another sales rack. I found this pretty bluish, greenish tank. Guess how much, come on you can do it. Four freaking dollars, shut up, I had to get it! Very happy with my purchases and moving on to the next store. 

For me it is hard to find clothes that are affordable. I like to online shop but hate waiting for them to get here (I am very impatient). If you are looking for a good plus size online store, you should check out Society Plus, they always have sales and deals. A lot of plus size clothes stores make clothes that are not so cut and all I can this is, “I am fat, not old.” I may be big but I also like to look cute and they have a lot of trendy items. I am not a little person and my town does not have very many plus size shops. That being said, we have a Forever 21 in our mall that carries sizes above the “average” sizes. With it being summer time and all, the swim suits are on the shelves. I am proud to be my size and everything, but I am not comfortable strutting around in a bikini. For those of you who do, I give you a high five! I envy you, but that just isn’t who I am. I start thinking to myself, “I did buy a few tank tops and my family HATES when you can see bra straps. If I buy a fun colored swim top, I can wear it in replace of a bra and they can’t get mad, right?” Done deal, it was $10 and pretty much is another bra and I always need as many of those as I can get. It’s bright, it’s fun and it looks good under all of those tanks. 

Last top I picked up is the grey one on the far right. This one I didn’t need, but it was ridiculously cute and it goes well with the swim top. Damn, I am one hell of a negotiator. 

In need of a new face powder brush, I just happened to walk into Icing and remembered that I have a punch card for them. Spend 20$ get 10$ off, I found a new brush, a phone case and pore strips all for 10$. Amazing, I know. 

My feet hurt and this mall is really hot, time to go home. My Hunny is hungry and so am I, being the nice person that I am, I grab us some pizza. When I finally get home, I checked the mail just to discover that my Kylie Cosmetics Metallic Matte Liptsticks have came in the mail! Yesterday might have almost been the best day ever. Great deals AND pizza?! I plan on creating a fun look with those lippies soon, keep a look out! 

I hope that my mini haul has inspired all of you to get some shopping done. I hope to read your hauls soon. Let me know in the comments which item is your favorite. Don’t forget to follow me on social media, I like making new friends. 

Let’s be friends! 


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