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Wedding Wednesday! 

Hello my lovelies! Today’s blog is going to be a little shorter than the rest. I haven’t done anymore planning yet. I did go to a bridal show this past weekend and had so much fun!! I won a couple of shirts that say hubby and wife, they are so cute! I did get a lot of business cards and fliers.  I do plan on making my own cake and cupcakes, so instead of having a normal bachelorette I think I am going to have all of my girls help with the baking and decorating. Does that sound like a good idea? I think it would make the cake so much more special. I will be going to look and hopefully put a deposit on the venue this weekend. I will be posting pictures on Twitter @kelseydawnprov1 if you follow me, you can get the inside scoop! Well that is all for this blog, I hope you all enjoyed! I want to hear about wedding plans that you have in mind! 

Love you all! Xoxo 


Wedding Wednesday! 

 Hello my lovelies and welcome to Wedding Wednesday! I am so excited, this is my second time writing about my wedding and I have so much to update you about! I finally got my fiancé to settle on a date and he finished his guest list! 

Date: October 29, 2016

Theme: vintage 

Colors: pastel pink, light yellow and grey

Here is an idea of the colors together.   

It’s going to be an outdoor wedding, so fingers crossed that the weather goes well. 

I may have found a venue for a great price. I am going on the 24th to check it out and hopefully put down a down payment. 

We have most of our guest list together, I am meeting with my bridesmaids this weekend to make sure I didn’t leave anyone out. 

Decoration wise I want to go with lots of fake pearls, old suitcases, empty picture frames, old books, vintage door knobs and maybe some skeleton keys!  

I am definitely going to go with the postcards for save the date and invitations! Here are a few pictures that I have repinned on Pinterest. If you want to follow me, I am constantly pinning all kinds of stuff! My name is Kelsey Provencio on there.  

I know this is kind of brave, but I am honestly thinking about making my own cake and cupcakes. I love baking and I love cake so why not do it myself! Plus I think it would same me so much money. 

I have a photographer, she is my aunt and she is amazing! You can check out some of her work Here. I also have a DJ and a florist! The florist is my grandma and she will also be the person to give me away at my wedding. Her link is Here, she has so many beautiful pieces! 

I still need to pick a date to go dress shopping, but I kind of have something in mind of what I want for myself and my girls. I also know that I will be wearing converse at my wedding because I will kill myself in heels! 

Well so far that is what I have!!! Hopefully next Wednesday I will have so much more to update you on. Thank you so much for reading my blog! Feel free to follow me, like and comment. Also if you would like to follow me on social media I would love that! I’ll ha e the links below. 

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