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So I have been on Instagram  A LOT lately! Of corse my feed is full of make up and different makeup looks, I just love looking at all of the different artists and how each ones expresses themselves in a different way. Seeing all of these beautiful artists makes me want to step out of my comfort zone and be more creative! I want to try different makeup looks, I want to rock a bold lip in the middle of the day, I want to share my creativity with all of you! 

So, I have decided to do all of these thing. I have decided to get crazy and fun with my face and hair. I have decided not only that every time I try one of these fun looks that I have created, to not only blog about them, but to post them and share them on Instagram. I love seeing all of the makeup photos on Instagram, so why not let other people look at my work? I am going to try my best to post at least every other day. I don’t always wear a full face of makeup, but when I do you can bet your ass you will find it on here and insta! 

So keep a look out for more fun coming to you soon. My user name is hellomakeuplove, feel free to check it out and let me know that you came from the WordPress family! Let’s have some fun! Don’t be afraid to express yourself and who you are as an individual! Stand out, make a name for yourself. Create yourself. Thank you all for reading, I would love to see some of the fun looks that you all have created. If you have an Instagram, leave your username down below and I will follow! Since you are down there you might as well leave the user names to all of your social media sites! I love to make new friends. 

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Affordable Valentine’s Day Look¬†

Hey my lovelies!!!!! Today I am doing a collaboration with PaigeAlicia! She is an amazing blogger, on her blog you will find a highend Valentine’s Day Look. Feel free to go check it out and tell her that I sent you! You can also go follow her on Twitter: @paigealicia1997. If you have just happened to find yourself on my blog and haven’t yet followed, you should! You don’t want to miss out on all of the fun stuff we talk about over here. So before this is too long, let’s jump in! 

Priming the face I went with the NYX Angel Veil skin perfecting primer. This is an amazing primer and I picked up all of these products from my local drug store. Foundation I took this amazing Wet n Wild Coverall cream foundation. This stuff means it when it says coverall. I still can’t believe I only paid 2$ for this bad boy! For concealer I went in with two different brands, I started with the instant age rewind and places the master concealer over top for a better coverage.   
To set my face I took my trusty Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Poweder! I use this everyday that I wear makeup! I can’t stay away from it.   
Contour I went in with this middle shade at the bottom and went to town. I went all out and really contoured, this is the NYX contour kit. Usually I don’t do this step often but I feel that it is Nessecary for an awesome special date like Valentine’s Day.  
 To give the cheeks a little color I took this blush from ELF and just lightly added this in above my contour and a little on the apples of the cheeks. Make sure to go over everything with your powder brush to blend and to make sure you don’t have any harsh lines. Blending is very important with any makeup look.  

Before I highlight I like to put on my brows, this is a very affordable brow kit from Ardell. I used the darkest shade in this little quad. The little stick is a wax, make sure to apply that before the powder. This just keeps the hairs from having a mind of their own.   
This highlight was recommended by a good friend of mine, you know who you are. I absolutely love this guy and it only cost me $6. Great pay off, especially if you get your brush just a little bit wet. Highlight where ever you feel the need. I always go crazy with this stuff! I like to hit above my brow, tops of my cheek bones, cuspids bow and down the bridge of my nose. If that’s too much just start out easy, no pressure!   
For eyes I just took a little bit of the same contour color and placed it in my crease just to give my eyes a little bit of definition, then my favorite part of the whole look, the wing liner! Make sure that wing is sharp enough to stab somebody! We have to look super fly so I went a little more dramatic with my wing than I usually do. This is a NYX liquid liner, it works like a dream! After that I applied a little bit of mascara to prep my eyes for false lashes.   
Falsies, no other, Ardell Demi 120. I mean, need I say more?   
 For the star of this show, Red Revolution! This is the gorgeous, red, creamy, amazing lipstick! This was about $5 and is worth every penny. Great color pay off and very long lasting!  
This finishes the look and with the perfect outfit you are all ready for your Valentine’s Date! Make sure to carry the lipstick in your cute clutch for later touch ups! 

  Thank all of you babies for reading my blog! Let me know what you think and don’t forget to follow! 


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Drugstore Haul! 

Hello my lovelies! I hope your day is amazing and your night is swell. I went to buy a brush today because mine broke right in the middle of doing my hair for work. Of corse I came out of the store with a little more than just a brush. So without further ado, here is what I picked up. 


  • First thing first, I bought a brush. Hopefully this one lasts me more than just a month. I guess that is what I get for buying a cheap one! 
  • Second thing I found was this teaser brush and comb. I have been using a big round brush to yeast the top of my hair and it goes flat within an hour. I also picked up this brush because Amrezy has one sort of like it and I want to try her hair styles out! For those of you who don’t know who Amrezy is, you are missing out!  Go follow her on Twitter @Amrezyyy.  
  • The last thing hair related, I picked up a backup of the Garnier Fructis Texture Tease spray. This stuff is absolutely amazing. It gives you great volume without leaving any gross rezzado. I love it when I have curls or want a big ponytail! 
  • I grabbed another Real Techniques sponge, mine is falling apart. I love this tool and it was only $6. Can’t beat that! 
  • Next is the Maybeline instant age rewind concealer. I used this way back, ran out and never bought it again. I remember liking it so I thought I would try it out. 
  • These next two products I am mostly excited about! I have been loving the purple liquid lipstick pictures everywhere!! So many girls are rocking that color and I have been wanting to give it a shot. I didn’t want to buy an expensive one and never use it, so when I seen that these came out I was extatic!  I also picked up a pink color because spring is right around the corner. Aren’t these colors just gorgeous!? I am going to be doing a look with these very soon!  
  • The last thing I picked up were some ear rings. They were only $3 and the cheap stuff doesn’t bother my ears. 

Well that is all for this haul! I hope you all enjoyed it, if you have tried any of these products let me know what you think of them! If you want to try them, let me know which ones! Please like, comment and follow! Love you all! Xoxo

Cranberry look. 

Hello my lovelies!! Today I am going to a baby shower, so I thought I would share my cranberry look for all of you. I love the way it turned out! If you recreate it or have suggestions I would love to hear then in the comments below! 

  • First things first, put on some music that puts you in the best mood ever!!! Mine is thumbprint radio with pandora. 
  • Today I did my regular every day foundation routine. If you have one that works best for you, do it! 
  • I primed my lids with Mac soft Ochre paint pot. 
  • Then went in with Millani Bella Eyeshadow in the shade Bella Rouge. It’s a stunning cranberry/pink color. I put this in my crease ad blended like crazy. I kept going back and forth between blending and building the intensity of the color.  
  • Once I got the color I wanted, I went in with Mac Cranberry and focused that mainly on the outer V of my eyes.   
  • To darken up the outer V I took the black shade from my Too Faced Pretty Rebel pallet and blended.   
  • Then just add a wing and some mascara and you are all done! Feel free to add some false lashes. I didn’t feel like this look needed it. On my lips I am wearing Millani Teddy Bare, one of my favorite lipsticks! 


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    The Lovely Blogger Award!! 

    Hello lovelies!!! I have been nominated for this award by the lovely Paigealiciabeauty! She has a wonderful blog, defiantly worth checking out! She is a great person and very helpful! Thank you so much for nominating me! I really appreciate all of the support you have given me! You are amazing!

    The rules for award acceptance are: 

    Each nominee must thank the person who nominated them (including a link to their blog). They must list the rules and post the blog award badge in the post.

    They must add 7 facts about themselves.

    They must nominate 15 other bloggers and notify them that they have been nominated.

    7 facts about me !

    1. I am 22, my Birthday is April 15, 1993.
    2. My favorite color is pink.
    3. I love baking and decorating cupcakes!
    4. I am a lipstick hoarder.
    5. I have freckles
    6. I really want to start a beauty channel on YouTube.
    7. I love the smell of rain!

    I nominate: 


    Pink, Spice and Everything Nice

    Beauty and Tidbits


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    I can’t wait to read your awards!!





    Purple Overload 

    Happy Sunday lovelies!! I hope you all had an amazing weekend. I didn’t post yesterday so I thought I would makeup for it today. I have this purple overload look I created and then I will post all about how I dye my hair! So without further ado, let’s get started. 

    • Before I did anything, I sprayed my face with the SmashBox Photo Finish Primer Water. This is going to hydrate your face and get it ready for all of the makeup that is coming.   
    • I started with the eyes because I am working with pigment and it can be very messy! I primed my lids with Mac paint pot in soft ochre. Make sure and cover your entire lid.   
    • To set that, I used a light shadow called Snow Angel. This shadow is from the Too Faced Joy to the Girls pallet.   
    • Out of that same pallet, I took cookie dough and applied that in my crease with a fluffy brush.   
    • For the lid I took Urban Decay in Flash and sprayed my brush with a little Mac fix +    
    • Over top of that, I sprayed my brush again and picked up a purple glitter pigment. I applied the pigment in the same spot I applied Flash. This is going to make the purple stand out a little bit more. I used Mac’s Fuchsia. (Holiday collection)    
    • To blend the crease and lid colors I used Kat Von D’s Metal Crush Eyeshadow in Danzig. Connecting the crease and lid just blend, blend, blend. We don’t want any harsh lines. 
    • For brows I went with Ardells Brow defining kit.  This is amazing and affordable. I picked mine up at CVS.  
    • Foundation I used Loriel True Match in the shade Natural Buff (N3) and I used my real techniques sponge to blend.   
    • For conceal I used my tried and true Maybeline Super Stay Better Skin. I love this stuff!!! I used in under my eyes and any place I had blemishes.  My color for this concealer is Ivory.  
    • I set my foundation with Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in 020 Nude Beige.   
    • Blush and contour I went with Elf’s St. Lucia. Great colors and only $3!   
    • To wing out my liner I applied the NYX glam liner and in my water line I used a black liner from Buxom.   
    • On my bottom lashes I went in with a mixture of Morphe’s Radience and the Kat Von D Danzig. Just to give is some color and smoke it so it all looks even.    
    • To prep my lashes for falsies I applied Wet n wild mega length mascara. For my bottoms lashes, I used NYX color mascara in purple.   
    • Falsies I applied Elf lashes, just the natural kit. These are also $3.   
    • To highlight my face I used Becca Moonstone. Absolute favorite highlight shade.    
    • Finally, for lips I used Mac’s Heoine! A beautiful purple shade. I have a blog on my top 3 Favorite Mac Lipsticks, feel free to go check it out!   

    And that’s all! You’re done! If you recreate this look I would love to see it! Tag me on Twitter (@kelseydawnprov1).  Thank you for reading! Please like, comment and follow! I follow back! 



      Top 10 Favorite YouTubers

      Hello all of you beauties! I hope you are all having a wonderful day! I want to share with you all my top 10 all time favorite beauty gurus on YouTube! So let’s get started!! 

      1. Lauren Curtis- Over 3 million subscribers She is the reason I am addicted to makeup and YouTube. She is so gorgeous, has an amazing personality and is so funny! She is so easy to listen to and has an amazing smile. Definitely worth watching.   
      2. Jaclyn Hill- Over 2 million subscribers       She stays looking flawless! Not only does she slay with makeup tutorials but she is always thanking and appreciative of her subscribers. She is the most down to earth person and is so honest. Also she is a snapchat queen!!!! 
      3. Nicole Guerriero – Over 2 million subscribers.                                                             Beautiful, great videos and love her vloggs. She always keeps me on my toes waiting for her to upload. The quality of her videos is to die for. Keep it up sister!   
      4. Nikkie Turorials – Over 2 million subscribers.                                                             Gorgeous, Hillarious and does not care what anyone thinks. She has had guests on her channel like Kat Von D and Jeffery Star. She keeps me going back to her channel every time.   
      5. Eleventh Gorgeous- Over 1 million subscribers.                                                             These gorgeous twins keep everyone guessing on what type of vide they are going to upload. They film videos anywhere from beauty,unboxing to taste testing. Trust me their videos will get addicting.   
      6. Aspyn + Parker – over 1 million subscribers.                                                              By far my favorite couple on YouTube. They are always doing something fun and different! I love how Parker just goes along with whatever Aspyn says. #goals  
      7.  Casey Holmes- Over 1 million subscribers.                                                              This shoe obsessed woman has the best hauls and some amazing get ready with me’s! I love her monthly favorites, she always adds music. Not only does she have a beautiful personality but she has beautiful hair. Love you girl.   
      8. Ciaoobelllaxo- Over 900,000 subscribers.   Same as all of these other women; beautiful, great personality, great vloggs and gorgeous house. I have been following Meg for a while now. She’s one that I enjoy any type of videos she makes.   
      9. Rachhloves- Over 800,000 subscribers.         Funniest YouTuber I think over all. I love the way she talks, I can listen to her for hours. She does a lot of affordable makeup looks wich is perfect for us people on a budget. My favorite videos are her bye or buy. She texts out products and let’s you know if they are worth the money or not.   
      10. Briana Lee Beauty- Almost 7,000 subscribers.                                                              And finally number 10! I am a newer subscriber to Briana but she has such an amazing, upbeat personality you just can’t help but fall in love. She’s gorgeous and anytime I have wrote her on Twitter she has always responded. Keep up the amazing work girl.  

      Mac’s Heroine

      Today’s look is really simple and revolved around their amazing color. Today I used the following products. 

      • Before I start any look I apply coconut to my face to moisturize 
      • Then I apply a primer. Mine is Rimmel Fix & Perfect Pro Foundation primer. By far my favorite drugstore primer and it’s very affordable 
      • For foundation I used Cover Girl Ready Set Gorgeous in the number 220 
      • Concealer I went with Maybeline Better Skin in Ivory. 
      • To set everything I used my Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in transparent 
      • Brows I went in with my all time favorite Ardel brow kit in the darkest powder  in 
      • For contour and blush my favorite combo to use is Elf contour & blush in St. Lucia. By far my favorite bronzer
      • Highlight I went with Mac mineralized skin finish in soft and gentle 
      • Wing liner is NYX super skinny eye marker. I use tape to help with my wing
      • I used a combination of two mascaras. The first one I use is Ulta’s Twisted Volume and then over top I apply Maybeline The Falsies Push Up Drama
      • And then finally I applied Heroine! One of my favorite Mac lipsticks. 

      There you have it people. When I do a crazy lip color I like to keep the eyes nice and simple. If you try the look out let me know how you like it. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your day! Don’t forget to follow, like and comment. I will return the favor. XOXO 


        Favorite Mac lipsticks 

        Hey everyone! Just thought I would share 3 of my favorite Mac lipsticks.

        • The first one on the left is stone. This is the perfect cool toned brown color. It’s dark but not too dark. If you like dark lips but don’t feel like you can pull it off, this one is a perfect 1st step. 
        • The second one is velvet teddy. I have seen so many people talk about this color! That’s because it is not only a great everyday color but it is flattering on anyone! All of the hype about velvet teddy is true. 
        • Lastly we have heroin, completely different than the other colors but still a great shade. This color is more for the people who are willing to step outside of their comfort zone. It’s a beautiful purple, plum color and depending on the skin tone it could a great day or night look. 

        Well there you have it people! My top 3 Mac lipsticks. I would love to hear about your favorite shades, maybe I can look into them and give them a try!