Fashion Friday: My Poshmark Closet

High five if you have made it through the week without flipping out on someone! Work weeks are tough, I know.

We all know that really cute, trendy pieces can be pretty pricey. To look good you have to pay the price, but that isn’t always true. I have found a way that you can make money for those trendy pieces, but also finding those pieces at a discount! You heard me right, DISCOUNT. We all love that word, not just you. The answer to all of this is an app named Poshmark.

Poshmark is a mobile app that you can sell items that no longer interest you. For instance, let’s say that you bought a really cute skirt, you never wore it and want to get your money back. Just post it on the app and people will come running! You can earn cash from those items, or use the credits to shop other peoples items! Some people will even trade items with you if you are up for it. So many items are listed on this app a day, it is ridiculous! They have everything from clothes and accessories to makeup and skin care. You can search the many brands that are featured, along with your sizes and favorite colors.

What I find that is really cool about Poshmark is that if you feel that an item is unreasonably priced on the app, you can offer a different amount to the seller. They can either choose to accept or deny. Most sellers love when a customer sends them an offer!!

Poshmark makes it so easy to sell and buy items.  It is worth checking out! If you use my invite code, GCNZZ,  you will receive an automatic $5.00 credit towards your first purchase. How cool is that? I know, you’re welcome! We can even follow each other once you sign up! My closet name is @kwoggn.

Be sure to let me know if you already have a Poshmark closet! I will go follow you and share your items.


Happy Fashion Friday everyone! 

5 Fashion and Beauty Bloggers Worth Following!

As a fashion and beauty blogger, I seek out to find others that share the same passion as me. Trust me when I say, I have been seeking for years. Upon those years, I have found some pretty amazing bloggers. If you are one that loves finding new blogs to read, or even just some bad ass fashion pieces, you have come to the right place.  For this Fashion Friday, I am sharing with you 5 bloggers that are worth following.

Say It In Threes


Styled by McKenz

She is so adorable! She is only sixteen years old and she is one of the hardest working bloggers that I know! She is always creating amazing content and she always has a smile on her face!


Fashion Alec

Victoria is vintage fashion goals!!! I love her blog and her Instagram feed is stunning! She can rock just about anything and everything! Most definitely a fashion inspiration.


Lizzie in Lace

If you love everything pink, pretty, and perfect than she is the blogger for you! She is the sweetest person and she knows what she is doing when it comes to her fashion and Instagram.


Aspyn Ovard

If you don’t already know, Aspyn isn’t a blogger, she is also a well known YouTuber. She and her husband make the perfect team! They travel the world together while taking amazing fashion photos!


Life’s Candy Jar

The name of her blog says it all! Rachel is a hard working mom and knows how to dress! She is hands down my favorite fashion blogger. I get so excited when I see her posts appear in my inbox. She is also another blogger that can rock any look that she can find. Did I mention that she is Jaclyn Hill’s sister?


Break the Rules

Hello to all of you beautiful people! My name is Kelsey Provencio and I have been chosen as a Society Plus #FashionFreedom Ambassador. Make sure and check out, where you will find the other 9 amazing blogging babes that are also a part of this beautiful campaign. Feel free to check out the #FashionFreedom page, where all of those beauties posts will be listed! 

My challenge as a #FashionFreedom Ambassador is to show off my legs. Today I am breaking three of these so called “fat girl rules”. I am showing off theses stems, wearing color AND wearing white. For as long as I can remember, I had been scared to try and rock any of those. I had been told that my legs were too big, I had been warned about wearing too much color or even putting on stripes. Doing any of these fashion trends would just make me “look bigger”. So, for the longest time, black was my go to color. It didn’t matter if I was in 100 degree weather, I would rather pass out from a heat stoke than even consider breaking any of these rules. Same look, different black shirt daily. 

One day, I just decided that I wanted to venture out of my comfort zone and try something new! I decided I’m not letting other people’s opinions dictate MY wardrobe. If I want to show off my legs or buy a bright green dress, I will. I want to be happy and self-confident and the only way that I could make this happen was if I didn’t care about these so called rules. From then on I have wore whatever I fell like, and let me just tell you, it feels amazing! I love shopping and discovering that they make tutu’s for women my size. 

am a strong believer that Society Plus is genius for creating #FashionFreedom. The thought of empowering women to be themselves is beautiful. I stand with them for the simple fact that they want us to feel as beautiful and confident as we are. If you want to wear a crop top, they are that voice in your head telling you to go for it. We are real women with a love for fashion and style. Why let anyone try to control how we look? As long as we know that we look good, no other opinion matters. I challenge you to break the rules. 

Show your legs, arms and tummy! Wear white, wear colors, stripes and patterns! Wear what you define as breaking the rules. Then, take a picture of yourself. I want you, no I dare you to share that confidence and beauty on Instagram or Facebook using the hash tags #FashionFreedom and #IamSocietyPlus. Take the next step to feeling comfortable in your own skin and be the Princess that you were born to be!

I would like to thank Society Plus for choosing me to be a part of this challenge. I would also like to thank them for encouraging me to dress how I feel and for creating amazing pieces, that not only boost my confidence, but also help me break the “fat girl rules”. Venturing out of my comfort zone, was one of the best decisions I have ever made. 

Love Yourself,
Bakersfield Beauty Blogger. 
Here is my link to the Society Plus page, where my blog post will be featured. Make sure and show it some love! Click here!

Society Plus Website: Shop here!

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