Fall Transition OOTD

I cannot believe that November is here. This year went by so fast, it came with so many ups and downs. We will get into that topic in a whole other blog post.

Today’s blog post is going to be short and sweet. I wanted to share my cute OOTD for the fall weather. It’s officially time to bust out the booties. Ugh, I can’t get over this look. The boots are from Charlotte Russe, my jeans are from Torrid, and my top is from Lane Bryant. Did I mention that I have officially went down an entire pants size? Yea, that’s right!

What is your favorite fall item?


2017 Fall Trends

Welcome to another Fashion Friday! Don’t you just love when I say the word Friday? Friday, Friday, Friday, Okay enough of that. On to the real reason that you are here. I have been noticing a lot of the fall trends that are going around and I am in love! I honestly don’t know which trend will be my favorite this season!

Fall Florals

I have been seeing fall florals everywhere that I go! Target, Forever 21, even the beauty gurus on YouTube are wearing this amazing trend! I love wearing florals during the spring, so this is going to be an easy one for me!

Cabbie Hats

I have loved cabbie hats even when they were not on trend! Instagram has been really making this trend blow up! They are super adorable and will look good on anyone!

Key Hole Lace Up Sweaters

I am sure that you have seen that the Key Hole tops were very trendy this summer, so it looks as if they are making an appearance this fall and winter!


Red has always been a statement color, but it is especially popular this season! I can’t wait to rock those red fall lips! What about you??

Just curious, which fall trend do you think that you will be rocking this season? I think that I will be rocking all of them, personally. These are all such great trends and I am super excited about them!


Stay Confident.

4 Must Have Makeup Palettes

Happy Makeup Monday! I hope that your liner is winged to the gods and your lipstick is on point. Today I am sharing my four favorite makeup palettes that I can’t live without! They are perfect for fall and have a multi-purpose use!

  1. The Kay Von D Alchemist Highlight Pallet. This pallet is an intense highlighting one, but it is the perfect inner corner highlight for the eyes! It makes you look like your eyes are glowing.
  2. The Urban Decay Naked Heat Pallet. I’m sure that you have heard of this bad boy before, especially if you are a makeup lover like myself. This gorgeous pallet has all of the warm tone shadows that you will ever need for fall. It is seriously the best!
  3. The Morphe X Kathleen Lights Eyeshadow Pallet. This little baby is a dream come true. It has a nice mix between cool and warm tone shadows. So many different looks can be created with this pallet.
  4. The Tartelette in the Bloom Pallet. This little guy is your perfect everyday eyeshadow pallet, but if you have dark hair like me, a couple of these shades can double as eyebrow powders. I love a twofer!

You can never have enough makeup palettes!

Let me know if you would like to read a part two! I would be happy to post it for another Makeup Monday!! Let me know if you have any of these and which ones are your favs!

Stay Confident.

Product Review: Rodan +FIELDS & GIVEAWAY!

If you don’t already know, the key to good makeup application is great skin. Your face is a canvas, if you have the right tools, your painting will come out flawless. For today’s Makeup Monday I have a Rodan +FIELDS product review and giveaway. My friend Laura and I will be giving away 5 mini facials, so stay tuned!

In order to figure out what kind of treatment I needed, Laura, sent me a solution tool so that she could send over the proper samples!

I received the travel sized version of the Reverse Brightening Regiment.

The travel size comes with four steps:

  • Deep exfoliating wash
  • Intensive brightening toner
  • Dual active brightening complex
  • Broad spectrum SPF 50+ sunscreen


Microdermabrasion Paste

Being someone that wears a lot of makeup, I need that intense exfoliating feel, so that I know my skin is being cleaned. I am also someone that has a lot of discoloration and some dark spots. The toner and brightening complex will help to reduce those problems. We all need SPF in our lives, it is the most important part of skin care!

My first thought when I received the products in the mail is that the travel size has a pretty fair amount of product. I love the simple yet bold packaging. The white makes the products look clean, while the yellow is bright, in your face, and refreshing.

Deep exfoliating wash:

While testing out the deep exfoliant wash, the smell was incredible, I am a sucker for an orange scent, and that is exactly what I got! I received the deep exfoliate feeling just as promised, it really made me feel like I got every inch of makeup off of my face. A clean face is a happy one!

Intensive Brightening Toner:

This toner has a tingling effect, which I love, that helps me to know that the product is actually working and cleansing!

Dual active brightening complex:

This contains retinol to help keep the pesky breakouts away. It feels so soothing and applies so smoothly.

Broad spectrum SPF 50+ sunscreen:

This sunscreen is a thick consistency, it has a hint of a sunscreen smell, but not too overpowering. SPF is a great product to have on under your makeup. The sun ages you, protect the skin!

All in all, I would rate Rodan + FIELDS products a 5/5. Trust me when I say that you need it in your life.


Some fun facts to know about Rodan +FIELDS :

  • R+F is the #1 skincare brand across all price points developed by the doctors who created Proactiv
  • They target four main skin concerns: sensitive skin issues, sun damage/hyper pigmentation, acne, and anti-aging.
  • All products come with a 60-day empty bottle, money back guarantees.
  • All products are clinically proven and result driven.

Giveaway time!! 🎉🎉

5 mini facials will be given away! To enter you must:

  1. Follow this blog
  2. Follow my Instagram
  3. Follow Laura on Instagram

I will be contacting the winners on Instagram.

This giveaway will run for one week! So tell your friends, tell your family! I will be giving away 5 mini facials. 

GIVEAWAY products will include: Redefine Daily Cleansing Mask: This creamy, Kaolin clay-based cleansing mask dries quickly, drawing impurities from your pores without robbing your skin of essential moisture. This environmentally safe, finely granulated exfoliator also gently smooths out the skin and releases a skin conditioner for younger-looking, younger-feeling skin.

  • Redefine Night Renewing Serum: Contains a proprietary blend of powerful peptides and Retinol to visibly improve skin texture and brighten skin. Our time-release technology keeps this anti-aging serum working all night long to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and pores for firmer, younger-looking skin.
  • Redefine Lip Renewing Serum: Maintain fuller, younger-looking lips with REDEFINE™ Lip Renewing Serum. Rich with peptides and vitamin E, this unique serum helps lips retain their natural moisture, visibly smooths lip texture and reduces the appearance of lip wrinkles.
  • Micro-Dermabrasion Paste: a high-glide, oil-free formula designed to help promote maximum gentle exfoliation and leave your skin feeling more smooth.

For personalized skin consultations, contact Laura @lookinluminouswithlaura.

Sister love and fashion. 

December is here, can you believe it?? This month is the perfect time to spend time with family. I love quality time, with work and life getting into the way, quality time doesn’t happen as often as it should. Hello everyone! Today my sister, my husband and I have teamed up to bring you this fun little shoot. A little fall fashion inspiration for you. Even though it is December, it’s still toasty in California. We got all dolled up and went out and just went with it. We had so much fun taking these pictures! We hope that you enjoy them.

I would like to point out the fact that my husband took these photos. If you want to ask someone to take your photos for you, but not sure what they will say, just ask. They may surprise you, I never thought that he would even consider it. Not only did he take my pictures, but he slayyyedddd these photos. DONE!

Our hats are from Charlotte Russe. I love this photo, Sierra is so silly. Enjoy your sister if you have one. They may annoy the hell out of you, but they are your backbone. She makes me laugh and can make me cry at the same time. I can honestly say that she is my best friend. I couldn’t imagine a life without her. 

It wouldn’t be a photoshoot, if Brian’s Mustang wasn’t in it. If you have a man in your life that is obsessed with cars, then you will understand. #5.0

My top is from Torrid, this is seriously one of my favorite shirts. It’s so comfortable and easy to move in. I love my light washed denim shirt!Sierra’s top is a cute flow blouse from Forever 21. If you have ever shopped at Forever 21, then you know that it is very affordable. If you haven’t made your way there yet, then you should. There is a wide selection of styles and price ranges. I couldn’t find the shirt on the site, but you should still go take a look!  

Remember to enjoy life, smile and relax. Don’t stress over something that isn’t worth it. I learned that the hard way. Besides, it’s way more fun to be worry free.

I would like to thank my baby sister for being featured in my post, and my husband for taking my photos. I love you both from the bottom of my heart. 

Fall Fashion Look

(Photography Credit: Kailynne’s Kaptures)

October is finally here, so now it is time to bust out with Fall Fashion! Today’s look is very Fall inspired, I have the deeper colors, the dark lips and cute booties. Can I be any more put together? 

I am absolutely in love with this look. The colors all compliment each other so well. From the braids in my hair, all of the way down to the cute and comfy heels. This look is a perfect day to night look for fall in California. 

(Top: Charlotte Russe, Pants: Forever 21, Shoes: Charlotte Russe, Similar Purse: Target, Sunnies: Francesca’s)

Fall Makeup Look 🍁

     Can you feel the fall weather? I can’t….but that’s because I live in California! Hello, you pumpkin spice latte! Since I can’t dress how I want, I might as well do my makeup the way I want… Right? So today I have collaborated with an amazing friend of mine, to bring you this Fall makeup look! Paige Alicia Beauty is one of my very good friends. I met her through the blogging community and she managed to work her way up to creating YouTube videos. 

     Make sure and check out Paige’s YouTube video. She is an amazing person and if you have an account, you should really subscribe to her channel. She posts fashion and beauty related videos every Friday, and they are pretty awesome, just saying. When you find yourself on her channel, make sure and let her know that I sent you! I will link her video right here

     Paige and I wanted to create a look with dark lips for you, then decided why not go all out! Go big or go home right? Here is my part of the Fall makeup collaboration, smoky eyes paired with a maroon lip. I love the way that it turned out. Her look came out sooo beautiful! The dark lips look so good with her blonde hair. 

     Anyway, on to the creativity! I used 2 different eyeshadow pallets and one single eyeshadow for this look. Like always I started out with my Mac Soft Ochre paint pot to prime for eyeshadow . In my crease I took the morphe 350 pallet and picked up the second shade up from the bottom row, on the right hand side. It’s defiantly a fall color. Like I said before and like I always say, BLEND! Blend that color in the crease like there is no tomorrow. 

     Once that is all blended, I am going to go in with Cranberry by Mac. I just keep blending, blend in the crease. Blending will never be done, I will blend until my hands cramp up! After that, I picked up the black shade from the Kat Von D, Shade and Light Eyes pallet. I packed that all over the lid and then started to slowly blend that up to the crease. Once that is all blended together, I am making sure to drag some of that black shade in the lower lash line. Then just popped a shimmer color in the inner corners of the eyes to make the look out more together. 

     Feel free to add some lashed to tie this look together, I chose not to because I am lazy. Now for the reason we are all really here, the lip color! Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in Transylvania! Stunning color and couldn’t be more Fall appropriate! Feel free to line your lips, this deep of a color can get pretty messy and hard to clean up. 

     This look is completed! I am in love with the way that it turned out! Very vampy and Fall appropriate. Let me know what you think! Have you done a look like this before? If you have I would love to see it! If you recreate this look, make sure and tags me! I love you and hope that you stay awesome…….xoxo

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Top 10 Fav Fall Lipsticks🍂

       Greetings all of you Fall lovers! If you have found this post, it is because you are looking for some Fall inspiration. I have gathered my top 10 favorite Fall lipsticks for you.

       Fall is the best season for makeup and fashion! It is the time to bring out the pumpkin spice lattes and dark lipstick. Down below are some picture of the lipsticks and swatches of each one. I find myself reaching for these 10 shades throughout the entire Fall season. 

      All of these shades are so pigmented and creamy. Most of these colors looks similar, but I promise that they are all different. That is only something that a lipstick hoarder would say. I hope that you enjoy these swatches as much as I do. I don’t know why, but swatches make me happy. 

Nude Naunce: Maybelline

Black Cherry: Milani

Ariana Grande: Mac 

Deepest Cherry: Maybelline 

Plum Please: Maybelline 

Echo: Kay Von D 

Double Espresso: Milani 

Kourt K: Kylie Cosmetics 

Truth/Dare: Sephora Rouge 

GLG789: LA Girl Lip Paint

     There you have it people! My top 10 favorite Fall lip colors!! I hope that you enjoyed them, let me know which shade is your favorite. I plan on creating a Fall makeup look with a few of these shades. If you have a question about to price range of these products, let me know, I can tell you. Most of these shades are affordable. 

       Thank you for reading! I hope that you enjoyed this post! I look forward to hearing from you! Also, if you would like to collaborate on a makeup look, let me know! I am always looking to make some new friends, and some great content. Until next time!

                Bakersfield Beauty Blogger