Makeup Monday: Beauty Wishlist


What would a Makeup Monday be without some makeup? Hello there gorgeous, today I am sharing a few products that are on my beauty wishlist. These are products that I am dying to try out and cannot wait to get my hands on!





If you have any of these products on your wishlist, let me know which ones they are. If you have tried any of these products, be sure and let me know what you think of them!

Fall Fashion Look

(Photography Credit: Kailynne’s Kaptures)

October is finally here, so now it is time to bust out with Fall Fashion! Today’s look is very Fall inspired, I have the deeper colors, the dark lips and cute booties. Can I be any more put together? 

I am absolutely in love with this look. The colors all compliment each other so well. From the braids in my hair, all of the way down to the cute and comfy heels. This look is a perfect day to night look for fall in California. 

(Top: Charlotte Russe, Pants: Forever 21, Shoes: Charlotte Russe, Similar Purse: Target, Sunnies: Francesca’s)


Hello my lovelies! I hope you are all having and amazing day! Today I went a little darker. I did a smokey eye with a little pop of bronze in the middle. I feel like you can wear this look anytime of the day. Let me know what you think. If there is another tripe of look you would like to see, let me know and I will definitely do it! Well I hope you enjoy ! 

  •    For my base these are the products I went with. The primer is always my go to, it’s tried and true. The foundation is amazing, I feel like my makeup looks so much better when I use this foundation. I am in love with this concealer. I feel like it hides your under eyes and anything that that you want to hide so well! 
  •   Setting my face with this amazing Rimmel stay matte pressed powder! I have tried other drug store powders, but I always find myself going back to this. Absolutely wonderful and can’t get enough. 
  •   Ardell has a really good brow kit that I have been lucky enough to discover. I found this also at the drugstore, and I went in with the darkest shade for this look. 
  •   To start the eyes, I grabbed buck from my Urban Decay Naked pallet. This works as a nice transition shade. 
  •     Slowly building the intensity, I picked up a black shade and started blending that into my crease. I would start with just a small amount of product on your brush, it is easier to blend out then starting off with too much. You want to build to your liking and not have to start over. 
  •   For that POP of color on the lid I chose Colourpop in the shade LALA. If you haven’t tried these eyeshadows yet, you need them in your life. They have amazing pigment and are super affordable! Just blend this and the black together, just be careful not to get a lot of black on your lid. You don’t want to loose the little bit of color you have. 
  •    Bottom lashes I applied a darker eyeshadow and also connected it with the crease colors just to get it a little darker. This is Miss Sparkles from the Too Faces Pretty Rebel pallet. I love this pallet, it has a variety of great colors. 
  •   Apply mascara to top and bottom lashes. Feel free to add false lashes if needed. 
  •   For bronzer, blush and highlight I used this little guy right here! All three in one little package makes life so easy sometimes. You can also find this at the drug store. For lips go with any color that you feel looks best for you! Don’t be shy with is either! 


This completes the look! Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed. Please like, comment and follow! You are all amazing and beautiful. Also if you would like to follow me on social media, I will list it below! I love you guys! 

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    Amanda Ensing Recreation 💜

    Hello all of my beautiful people, I hope you all have been well! I have recreated a very dark Valentines Day look, originally created by Amanda Ensing. She is an amazing beauty guru on YouTube, I will link the video right Here. So without further ado, let’s get started! 


    • Today I started with my eyes, I like to do my brows, I feel like you can’t really know if your eyeshadow looks good until your brows are done. Then I prime my eyelids, feel free to use whatever primer you think is Nessecary. 
    • I used tape to make sure I got a really clean, precise line. We are working with black, so we don’t want it to end up all over the place. Then I got a black gel liner and used that as a base and applied that just on my lid. That is going to help the black stay and help darken the color. 
    • Next I placed a nuetral brown shade in my crease for out transition shade. 
    • After that is when you start packing a black eyeshadow on your lid. Make sure you start out with a little bit of color, because it is easier to add more than take color away. Black is very intense so take your time.  (Top middle brown color for transition shade.) 
    • After you pack some of the color on your lid, then we can start blending that color toward your crease. Blending is the most important technique ever! You don’t want your eyeshadows to look chalky or spotty. I used Milani’s eyeshadow Bella Black and then placed a shimmery black eyeshadow on top to give it a little extra something.     
    • Just keep blending and building the intensity until you get it to your liking. I also applied black liner in my water line and smudged some black eyeshadow on the lower lash line. Feel free to add lashes to spice up the look. I just popped on some mascara, did some contour and highlight. 
    • For lips I used Colourpop liquid lip in Teeny Tiny and this look is complete! Very simple, but very time consuming. If you don’t get it right off the back, just breath and take your time.   

    I hope you all enjoyed this look! It’s not as good as Amanda’s, but I tried my best and hope you all liked it!  Make sure to keep in touch and follow me on all of my social media! Please like, comment and follow, I would greatly appreciate it. 

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    The Lovely Blogger Award!! 

    Hello lovelies!!! I have been nominated for this award by the lovely Paigealiciabeauty! She has a wonderful blog, defiantly worth checking out! She is a great person and very helpful! Thank you so much for nominating me! I really appreciate all of the support you have given me! You are amazing!

    The rules for award acceptance are: 

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    7 facts about me !

    1. I am 22, my Birthday is April 15, 1993.
    2. My favorite color is pink.
    3. I love baking and decorating cupcakes!
    4. I am a lipstick hoarder.
    5. I have freckles
    6. I really want to start a beauty channel on YouTube.
    7. I love the smell of rain!

    I nominate: 


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    I can’t wait to read your awards!!





    Top 10 Favorite YouTubers

    Hello all of you beauties! I hope you are all having a wonderful day! I want to share with you all my top 10 all time favorite beauty gurus on YouTube! So let’s get started!! 

    1. Lauren Curtis- Over 3 million subscribers She is the reason I am addicted to makeup and YouTube. She is so gorgeous, has an amazing personality and is so funny! She is so easy to listen to and has an amazing smile. Definitely worth watching.   
    2. Jaclyn Hill- Over 2 million subscribers       She stays looking flawless! Not only does she slay with makeup tutorials but she is always thanking and appreciative of her subscribers. She is the most down to earth person and is so honest. Also she is a snapchat queen!!!! 
    3. Nicole Guerriero – Over 2 million subscribers.                                                             Beautiful, great videos and love her vloggs. She always keeps me on my toes waiting for her to upload. The quality of her videos is to die for. Keep it up sister!   
    4. Nikkie Turorials – Over 2 million subscribers.                                                             Gorgeous, Hillarious and does not care what anyone thinks. She has had guests on her channel like Kat Von D and Jeffery Star. She keeps me going back to her channel every time.   
    5. Eleventh Gorgeous- Over 1 million subscribers.                                                             These gorgeous twins keep everyone guessing on what type of vide they are going to upload. They film videos anywhere from beauty,unboxing to taste testing. Trust me their videos will get addicting.   
    6. Aspyn + Parker – over 1 million subscribers.                                                              By far my favorite couple on YouTube. They are always doing something fun and different! I love how Parker just goes along with whatever Aspyn says. #goals  
    7.  Casey Holmes- Over 1 million subscribers.                                                              This shoe obsessed woman has the best hauls and some amazing get ready with me’s! I love her monthly favorites, she always adds music. Not only does she have a beautiful personality but she has beautiful hair. Love you girl.   
    8. Ciaoobelllaxo- Over 900,000 subscribers.   Same as all of these other women; beautiful, great personality, great vloggs and gorgeous house. I have been following Meg for a while now. She’s one that I enjoy any type of videos she makes.   
    9. Rachhloves- Over 800,000 subscribers.         Funniest YouTuber I think over all. I love the way she talks, I can listen to her for hours. She does a lot of affordable makeup looks wich is perfect for us people on a budget. My favorite videos are her bye or buy. She texts out products and let’s you know if they are worth the money or not.   
    10. Briana Lee Beauty- Almost 7,000 subscribers.                                                              And finally number 10! I am a newer subscriber to Briana but she has such an amazing, upbeat personality you just can’t help but fall in love. She’s gorgeous and anytime I have wrote her on Twitter she has always responded. Keep up the amazing work girl.