5 Bad Habits to Kick: Self Love Edition

As a “bigger girl” I have always had self-love issues. I would constantly make fun of the way I looked so that others couldn’t do it first. My excuse for everything was “because I’m fat”. I would always wear black and I never really believed in myself. All of that stops now. I have been going through a lot of changes recently and have decided that it’s time to love myself first. I need to kick those old self-hate habits. This is going to be tough at first, I know, but it has to be done. If you are someone that needs a little wake-up call, then this post is for you. I hope that you can relate to some of the things that I am going through, and change them with me.

savingPNG 3

  1. I am going to stop feeling bad for being my size. How can I expect anyone to love me if I don’t love myself for how I look?
  2. I am ditching the clothes that make me look “skinny”. Today is the day that I am going to strut my stuff in whatever I feel like. I have recently purchased a few crop tops that I never thought that I could ever wear as a “fat girl”. Guess what? I don’t give a fuck anymore. I look gorgeous no matter what.
  3. I am going to stop telling myself that I can’t do something because of my size. I can do anything that I put my mind to. I just have to want it.
  4. I am going to stop making fat jokes about myself. I am hurting myself more than anyone. It’s not healthy, especially when I start to believe that the jokes are true.
  5. I am going to stop caring about what others think of me. I am going to start living and enjoying my time on this Earth. There are a million other things that I can be doing with my time, and I need to stop wasting them on being self-conscious about myself.
Loving myself is the first step to happiness.

11 thoughts on “5 Bad Habits to Kick: Self Love Edition

  1. I think sometimes it is what is in your head more than what’s on the outside? I was very slim a few years ago but still thought I was bigger and should lose a few pounds- actually no matter what size I am- I think the same- “just need to lose a few pounds…” how weird is that? Instead of- as you say- embracing yourself and be happy? And enjoy life right now… I also believe in moderation and a little bit of everything and to not restrict myself- because when I do that- I just crave it more! 😌🙏🏻

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      1. Good- I’m glad to hear. I really think it starts on the inside… a lot of us have insecurities no matter what we look like! If you feel good… that’s a start and then this reflects out… 😌🙏🏻small steady steps!!!

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  2. As they say in american films “you go girl!” 🙂
    It’s a very healthy mindset you’ve got. It’s hard to get there, so I’m very happy for you!
    I started buying loads of crop tops a few weeks ago, they simply look better on me now that I’m in a wheelchair, but then, as I got up and passed the mirror I was surprised that it looked good when I was standing up too. Because of my big belly, I’ve never even looked at them before, I just assumed I couldn’t wear it.
    (Oh, I use a wheelchair for an illness, I don’t get a fabulous miracle every now and then 😉 haha)

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