Makeup Monday: Quick and Easy Makeup Look


This makeup look is for those who work hard. For those that are too busy slaying the day to take an hour on their makeup. This look is for those want that healthy glowing skin look and want their freckles to shine through! 

Natural, glowing skin is perfect for these hotter days. Today I am sharing with you my quick and easy go to a makeup look. This look obviously isn’t natural because I am wearing makeup, but it isn’t going to be as heavy and glam. Let’s jump right in!

First things first, I exfoliate my lips. These dry days are upon us and are messing with my lips! I need them to look good when I apply whatever lip product I choose to wear for the day.

The key to glowing skin is hydration. I like to apply the Mario Badescu Facial Spray. This quenches the skin, wakes it up, and gives off a fresh look. After that, I will go in with the NYX Hydro Touch face oil and do some more hydrating. Once that is all soaked in, I will go in with my concealer and only apply it where I need it. So I will apply it under my eyes and cover any dark spots. I also like to do a little bit of setting, just so that my concealer doesn’t crease because of the oil.

Time to bronze the face! I want that sun-kissed look without it being too overpowering. I don’t contour because I want this to be a more natural look. After I am all bronzed up, it’s time for some more glow! I love to add a lot of highlight, this gives the skin a glowy look.

My brows are finally growing in! When I do a more natural makeup look, I only add tinted brow gel to my brows. The tint makes them look fuller without being too perfect. While my brows are drying, all that is left is to curl my lashes! I don’t like to wear mascara when I am in a hurry. It makes a mess and takes up too much of my time.

Before I head out of the door, I like to spray my face one more time just to set all of the powders. This look takes me 5 minutes tops to apply. I love it and I love the compliments that I get on my skin when I rock this look.

That completes my quick and easy makeup look. Let me know if you have used any of these products! I plan on writing a blog post about my current beauty favorites, so keep an eye out for that.

As always, stay confident!

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