A Cafe Smitten Kind of Day


This is a day that I will never forget! I had an amazing opportunity to work with a very talented and beautiful photographer, Erin. She is the creator of Vintage Roots Photography, here in my home town! We worked at the cutest little coffee shop downtown. Let me tell you if you have never been to Cafe Smitten, this stop needs to be a priority when (or if) you find yourself in Bakersfield. 


I cannot tell you how amazing this shoot went, there was great chemistry, and it helped that she was a super amazing person! Did I mention that her husband was her assistant? Oh, and her son was the cutest little fella! They were all great. So prepared, they had different camera lenses ready, a reflector, and laughter! Whenever she needed the reflector to get the best shots, her husband was already on it! I couldn’t have picked a better team for this street shoot. They were welcoming and so much fun to shoot with. Erin and I are now girl boss friends…..whatever, not a big deal (hehe, totally a big deal).  If you haven’t already headed to her photography Instagram page, after all of the amazing things that I have been telling you, what are you waiting for? Her Facebook page is also Vintage Roots Photography having the same name just makes it that much easier to get in touch. You can shoot her a message on social media, and a friendly reply is what you will get! 


Erin is such an amazing person, she is even offering my readers $25 off of your shoot! If you are in or around the Bakersfield area, you need to give her a call. I promise that you will fall in love with her work and will continue to use her for many years and memories to come!

COUGH, COUGH. Hey Bakersfield bloggers, Vintage Roots Photography would be a great collaboration opportunity. I mean come on, have you not seen these gorgeous photos? You are welcome. 




9 thoughts on “A Cafe Smitten Kind of Day

  1. I love these sunglasses so much and they are perfect for your face. Also, I imagine those to be your favorite jeans because they are adorable. I love the cut, that vintage length. Nice choice having your shoot back dropped against these bright colors. It makes for a beautiful images.

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