Casual Wear 

Monday, did you sigh when you read that? I did when I wrote it. Let’s not let a word like that get us down. Today I have a more casual look, something laid back, and really bringing out the Bakersfield in me. 

Boots are the best thing to wear in Bakersfield. Boots and some cute jeans, paired with the right top. 

My hometown is a lot of dust, dirt and bad air quality. I love it and you couldn’t pay me enough to leave it. 

Top: Charlotte Russe

Jeans: anywhere, these jeans are all over the place! 

Boots: Boot Barn

Looking cute, feeling comfortable and smiling are my three favorite things. This casual look let’s me do all three at the same time!

I don’t know the proper name of these jeans, but I call them sparkly butt pants. Has a ring to it, doesn’t it?  

Here are some tips on proper boot care! 

Taking care of your leather shoes will help them last longer and save you money! 

Come check out some trendy cowgirl boots and some loyal cowboy boots!

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