Grunge Fall Fashion 

I probably can’t tell you how much I love fall and fall fashion. There is something about the dark colors in the clothes, and the different color leaves on the trees.


Fall is one of the seasons that it is perfectly acceptable to wear black everyday, (even though I tend to wear black all year round). 

Today, I am bringing you an outfit that is one of my personal favorites for this time of year.

I hope that you enjoy this post, as much as I had fun making it. I worked with a different photographer on this project. She is my little sister and she did a damn good job! Thank you so much Kass, I love you!

On a side note, I just want to point out that all of  my photos are shot with my iPhone. This goes to show, that if you really want to; start a blog, create a YouTube channel or anything else, you can’t make it happen. There are going to be times when you want to give up. Don’t


P.s You are beautiful. 
(Hat, choker and shoes: Charlotte Russe, top: Forever21, skirt and tights: Torrid)

16 thoughts on “Grunge Fall Fashion 

  1. Kelsey SLAY. ME. MAMA. I’m digging the grunge look for the fall (I practically dress like this in all seasons LOL). As a person who used to work at Torrid I will say that torrid has some of the best tights out there and are pretty reasonably priced. Also, I like how you tied everything together with the booties and the hat. Definitely a bomb-ass outfit!

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