Woggn Wedding 2016

  Before you look at some of the pictures that I have from this weekend, can I just say that I am a wife!!! That’s right, I married my best friend this past weekend. 

This weekend was everything that I ever hoped that it would be. I couldn’t have asked for a better day. 

I am so excited to share these moments with you all! I have been waiting a very long time to become Mrs. Kelsey Woggn (it’s pronounced Wong). 

(Brian and I) pictures taken by Petrina J Photography

Wedding day or not, I love my Taco Bell! 

Here is a picture of my handsome little brother! 

My lovely moma! 

My Hunny’s reaction when he first seen me. 

Our first dance 

My Grammy and I

Brother sister dance 

One of my best friends, Maddison! 

My beautiful cousin and one of my best friends, Miranda! 

My baby sister 

My nene/ mama 🐘 

My aunt Mandi and my mom! 


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