Fall Makeup Look 🍁

     Can you feel the fall weather? I can’t….but that’s because I live in California! Hello, you pumpkin spice latte! Since I can’t dress how I want, I might as well do my makeup the way I want… Right? So today I have collaborated with an amazing friend of mine, to bring you this Fall makeup look! Paige Alicia Beauty is one of my very good friends. I met her through the blogging community and she managed to work her way up to creating YouTube videos. 

     Make sure and check out Paige’s YouTube video. She is an amazing person and if you have an account, you should really subscribe to her channel. She posts fashion and beauty related videos every Friday, and they are pretty awesome, just saying. When you find yourself on her channel, make sure and let her know that I sent you! I will link her video right here

     Paige and I wanted to create a look with dark lips for you, then decided why not go all out! Go big or go home right? Here is my part of the Fall makeup collaboration, smoky eyes paired with a maroon lip. I love the way that it turned out. Her look came out sooo beautiful! The dark lips look so good with her blonde hair. 

     Anyway, on to the creativity! I used 2 different eyeshadow pallets and one single eyeshadow for this look. Like always I started out with my Mac Soft Ochre paint pot to prime for eyeshadow . In my crease I took the morphe 350 pallet and picked up the second shade up from the bottom row, on the right hand side. It’s defiantly a fall color. Like I said before and like I always say, BLEND! Blend that color in the crease like there is no tomorrow. 

     Once that is all blended, I am going to go in with Cranberry by Mac. I just keep blending, blend in the crease. Blending will never be done, I will blend until my hands cramp up! After that, I picked up the black shade from the Kat Von D, Shade and Light Eyes pallet. I packed that all over the lid and then started to slowly blend that up to the crease. Once that is all blended together, I am making sure to drag some of that black shade in the lower lash line. Then just popped a shimmer color in the inner corners of the eyes to make the look out more together. 

     Feel free to add some lashed to tie this look together, I chose not to because I am lazy. Now for the reason we are all really here, the lip color! Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in Transylvania! Stunning color and couldn’t be more Fall appropriate! Feel free to line your lips, this deep of a color can get pretty messy and hard to clean up. 

     This look is completed! I am in love with the way that it turned out! Very vampy and Fall appropriate. Let me know what you think! Have you done a look like this before? If you have I would love to see it! If you recreate this look, make sure and tags me! I love you and hope that you stay awesome…….xoxo

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