Ariana Grande inspired makeup look! 

   Are you guys dying right now? I am, I can’t believe how amazing this makeup look has turned out! Today I was inspired by Ariana Grande, in her new music video “side to side”. I am really obsessed with that song and video. If you haven’t seen the video and would like to, I will link it here for you! I know, I’m a good friend! 

   I hope that you all enjoy this look, it’s pretty easy to work with. I only used two colors! I know, crazy right?! Just make sure that your blending game is on point! 

   Our main focus is our eyes, today I am using Totally Fetch from the TooFaced Pretty Rebel pallet and Radiance  from Makeup Geek. Radience is the darkest purple in my Sephora Z pallet. 

   What you are going to do is, pick up the hot pink shade on a flat shader brush, add some fix plus or get your brush wet, and apply that all over the lid. 

   Wetting the brush is just going to give the hot pink a lot more pigment. You really want it to pop! When you apply that pink on the lid, it doesn’t need to look good at first. Just make sure and cover the entire lid. 

   Then grab a blending brush and just start blending up to the crease! I usually blend until my hand starts to cramp up, put some more of the shade on the lid and then blend some more! Build that intensity to your liking. 

   After I have blended to the gods, I took some of the purple and started blending it on the outer corners of my eyes. Blend, blend, blend. 

   Once the blending is finished, I like to go in with some concealer and clean up the edges, so that pink isn’t all over the place. 

   Then throw on some falsies, a nude lip this look is done! I am wearing Velvet Teddy by Mac on the lips. I told you, cute and simple! I am wearing some falsies from Forever 21. I honestly like these lashes more than the Adelle ones! They are thicker and have awesome styles! 

   Well there you have it! This Ariana Grande inspired makeup look! I hope that you loved it! Be sure and follow my social media for more sneak peeks! I have created a Facebook page, you should for sure go like it! Link is here! I love you all and hope that you have a blessed night. 

P.s my awesome white T is from Society+

That’s all. 
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