I wish that I had your confidence

I wish that I had your confidence to wear that. 

     Guess what, you can have this confidence! Don’t think about what people are going tosay and  don’t say that you are not too fat! You are beautiful and you need to own it. Why not express yourself? Wear what you want to wear. Don’t let anyone’s thoughts control your confidence! If you live your life in fear, then you will never truly be happy. If you would like, I can let you barrow my tutu? 

Be a unique individual! If wearing a crop top and a tutu makes you happy, then rock it!     


3 thoughts on “I wish that I had your confidence

  1. OMG!! I hate when people say that to me. It’s a total insult to me. “Oh cuz I look stupid and you don’t wanna look stupid too?” Yesterday when we left, Kourtney said, I wish I looked that good in leggings. I told her it’s not the clothes that look good.. It’s the attitude. You rock it cuz you own it. Woman need to quit bashing each other and always tell them how good they look. (If they do! Don’t lie cuz that’s rude!)

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