Things to do when you are stressed. 

We all have those days, no matter who you are. Days where all you want to do is run away and not deal with anything. I know that this post is different from any other posts on my blog, but I have been feeling this way a lot lately. Today I am sharing with you a few techniques that I like to do when I am stressed. These keep me from going insane and punching a few people. Try some of these out, maybe there is something on my list that you haven’t tried yet. 

  1. The number one thing that I like to do when I am stressed is listen to music. No matter what kind of stress that I am dealing with, music is my escape. 90’s country is my all time favorite, it just has that right tune for me, I don’t know what it is. 
  2. If music is helping a little, but just isn’t quite cutting it for me, I like to take my music with me and relax in a bath. Maybe get some bubbles going, light a candle and listen to Faith Hill tell me how much it matters to her. 
  3. Are you ready for this one? I don’t think that you are; color! I own a few adult coloring books, these were proven to help with stress. Get this, I don’t even have to stay in the lines if you don’t want to. You can find adult coloring books all over the place! 
  4. This one would have to be my favorite out of all of these. I like to bake, baking just calms me down and focuses my mind on creating an amazing treat. It helps me forget about that rude person in line at Target and reminds me not to let the house catch on fire. 
  5. My last technique I like to do to calm me down is drive. Drive anywhere that I want, as long as the music is on. Drive to the store, park, sonic, wherever I want. This may cost me some gas, but I sure as hell feel a whole lot better when I get home. 

I’m sure that there are a million of other calming practices that could be done. These are just my favorite, if you do any of these, let me know. I would also like to hear if this post helped you in anyway. Thank you all for reading! 
This stock photo is from: Magdeleine

17 thoughts on “Things to do when you are stressed. 

  1. Country music puts me in way more stress than anything else lol. I’m sure you have your reasons for your preference, but I don’t think there’s a genre of music I hate more.

    To destress I’m more likely to turn to rock music from the early 2000s.

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