Stay Fierce!

Hello, you gorgeous thing you! How are you!? Don’t be silly Kelsey, you can’t hear them. Well I hope that you are doing amazing! Today’s post may be a little bit shorter than my usual posts, but this is going to be worth it. I am bringing to you, some great news! I have discovered an online clothing shop for you. The name of it is Stay Fierce Boutique, super cute right? They are based in North Carolina and have really cute and very affordable clothes. 

Here is my dress, this is the Ferosh Stripped Dress. The most adorable dress EVER! This is 30$ and it cost a flat rate fee of 6$ to ship anywhere in the United States. It’s a light weight and airy dress, it comes with a belt and you can either style this up or down. I chose to wear some flat sandals for a more casual feel. You can for sure style it with some cute heels and layer on some jewelry. Check out the dress for yourself right here. 

Here is a little close up on the design (excuse the wrinkles). Aunt Cindy, if you are reading this, I’m sorry it has wrinkles. I just want you all to know that this dress was well made! I know that when some people think of boutiques, they think cheap quality. Not the case at all. I would for sure have to tell you, make sure and size up when you are purchasing. It was a little bit snug on me and I like to be comfortable. If you like snug, go for it! Don’t let me change your mind. 

It shipped really fast and they were super nice! Even more great news is that they don’t just have plus size! They have a good range of sizes. I will leave the links to all of their social media sites down below. Feel free to check them out and make sure and let them know that I sent you! If you do purchase from them, make sure that you use #stayfierceboutique, so that they can see all of your photos! Who knows? They may even feature you on their Instagram. 

They were even nice enough to give me a promo code for you! If you use “BakersfieldBeauty” at check out, that gives you 15% off of your order!

On a totally different note, I want to thank all of you! I have hit 300 plus followers! I came into the blogging game not thinking that anyone would care about what I had to say, and yet 300 of you do. I really appreciate all of the likes, comments and follows. 300 may not be a lot for some people, but I means everything to me, and I appreciate all of you. I would really like to give back to you, but don’t know how? Maybe you guys came come up with a few ideas for me to give away like; makeup, books on blogging or even a gift card! I’ll choose the most requested and have a whole other post for that giveaway. I also was to thank you for helping me realize that I was to take this journey so much farther. I love you. 

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