A Pismo Beach Weekend

Hello everyone, I hope that you are all doing amazing! This past weekend we celebrated Father’s Day at the beach! I wanted to share some moments of this amazing trip with all of you. I love to be nosy sometimes and see what other people do for special occasions, so I thought that I would let you all take a look at our fun! I hope that you all enjoy this post!

We have been going to Pismo Beach for Father’s Day for quite sometime now and it is always the same routine. Play in the water, have bon fires and eat. Not that the same routine is ever bad, but we wanted to explore just a little bit more. That is exactly what we did, stepped out of our shell and went on a little adventure! We obviously started at Starbucks, I would like to know your staple drink, mine is a Passion Tea Lemonade with four pumps of raspberry. Yummy!! I also like the Carmel Frappe, just depends on how I and the weather feel that day.


We drove to this place called Avila Valley Barn, it’s an amazing farmers market that you can buy all kinds of stuff! They had everything from fresh fruit to hot dogs and candy. They had beautiful flowers, jars of honey and even animals that you could feed. We purchased a couple of jars of jelly, candy, rice crispy treat, plums, peaches and I even got my self a hot dog. This place was beautiful, full of flowers and happiness. They had cute little knick knacks and tea kettles, some fun books and great service. There is nothing better than a fun place full of nice people.

This is my baby sister Sierra Jean. She drives me crazy most of the time, but somehow I always end up missing her when she goes home. I can’t believe that she will be 16 next month, I feel so old.

Here is my Hunny feeding the baby goats, he about knocked that poor kid over, he was so damn excited. I should have never let him feed one, now he is talking about buying one. I don’t know how I would feel if I came home to a goat in my yard. It is cute though, look at that little face. Aww.

Here is a picture of me and my awesome Walmart tank top! It cost my $4.00 and it fit like a dream. This was the night that my aunt, Brian and I got all dressed up and ready to go to this famous bar, just for there to be a 30 minute line out the door. No thank you, so we walked all the way back to the campsite. It was a good walk, just a waste of makeup. Don’t you hate that? At least I got an ok selfie out of it.. Right?

Us playing in the water, have you ever seen the ocean? It doesn’t matter how many times that I go to the beach, it’s like seeing it for the first time. So beautiful and breath taking, at this moment, nothing in the world matters. All of those big problems seem to dissapear and all you can hear is the sound of your heart and the waves. No one can touch you, let alone bother you. You have found the edge of the world and you can almost see heaven. If it wasn’t so expensive I would live at the beach.

Here is my niece and I! Isn’t she so cute??Sierra  named her gorda, little baby mouse looking thing. I love her so much.

My Hunny riding a bike, he was nervous, he did good and had a fun time. Rode into town and got some froyo, my fav! My Hunny tried clam chowder for the first time and loved it. I’m not a sea food kind of person, so I ate pizza for dinner. Sierra decided that she needed to drink out of Sponge Bob’s home and look cool carrying a pineapple. She succeeded, everyone was staring at her and smiling. Dork.

Here is my second attempt and getting ready and going to Harry’s bar, guess what? Success! It was really fun, had a couple of drink, listened to a live band and then ride our bikes back to the campsite. This cute top that I have on was bought at the Torrid outlets. I look really dark, I take sun easily. 

So, like all amazing vacations, they have to come to an end. We had an amazing time, we cleaned the trailers and campsites. Of corse it is 9 am and we are ready to leave so that means that it is time for breakfast. Breakfast is my favorite kind of food, we stopped at this awesome place called Huckleberry’s. It was so good!!! It was a biscuit, with chicken fried steak, scrambled eggs and gravy with a side of red potatos. Talk about a yummy breakfast. Of corse after eating all of that, I fell into a food coma on the two hour ride home. 

If you have made it to the end of this post, congrats! I want to thank you for reading and let you know that I am appreciative of you. I hope that you enjoy the rest of your day!

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3 thoughts on “A Pismo Beach Weekend

  1. Looks like an amazing weekend! Farmers Markets are just so fun to visit, especially at this time of year! So many delicious things.
    I’m going to need to give the raspberry pumps a try in my next PTL – that sounds so yummy!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Looks like an amazing weekend! Farmers Markets are always fun to visit but especially at this time of year – so many delicious things!

    I’m going to need to give the raspberry pumps a try in my next PTL – that sounds so yummy!

    Liked by 1 person

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