Morphe 350 pallete 

This look was created with the Morphe 350 pallete! If you do not have this pallete, you seriously need it in your life. I seriously have been using this pallete every time I wear eyeshadow. It have colors that are great all year long! My eyeliner is a little sucky, but I have been working in that area. If you guys would like to see more looks using this pallete let me know! I have a video of this look on Instagram, you at should head over and check it out! My user name is Hellomakeuplove, make sure to follow me there! I may have a giveaway coming up soon so keep an eye out! I love you all, be sure to like this post and leave me some comments! I would love to collaborate with some of you. 

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Insta: Hellomakeuplove 

Twitter: kelseydawnprov1

Snapchat: Kelseydawnyeaaa 

10 thoughts on “Morphe 350 pallete 

    1. It’s amazing isn’t it?? Yes the brown shades are a must. I am planning on creating another look with this pallete soon


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