What’s in my bag! 

I don’t know about you, but I absolutly love seeing what is in other people bags! It makes me feel like I am not prepared sometimes and I feel as if these people have saved my life! 

If you like to be nosy like I do, then just keep reading! 

I have to start out by asking, but how cute is my freaking bag?? Adorable right? I purchased this bag at Shi by Journeys! Who would have thought that a cute bag like mine came out of a shoe store! I didn’t. It was 30$ and I do not regret buying it one bit. Sometime I feel bad because I own way more bags than I should, but this one is worth it. If you would like me to do a bag collection I will! Just let me know in the comments I would be more than happy to. Now where was I? Oh yea, here is a picture of everything that is inside my bag. Enjoy. 

  • First things first, pretty standard, my wallet. Filled with junk change, receipts and my VIB Sephora card. 
  • Headphones, I like to keep them just incase I need to hear snapchats in public. If you leave your snapchat name in the comments, I will follow you! 
  • My inhaler
  • Tampons, always come in handy. 
  • Some of my Loving Plans business cards. 
  • My favorite Buxum lip gloss in Dolly! 

That is the end of the show, pretty simple and basic. Thank you all for reading, until next time. 

Let’s be friends! 

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