Lake Tahoe Trip! 

If you have never been to Lake Tahoe, you need to! It is absolutly amazing and beautiful! We just got back from a four day weekend and loved every minute of it! 

This is the cabin that we stayed in, these pictures do not do this place justice. Absolutly breath taking. 

The purpose of this trip was my aunts wedding. She has always wanted to get married in Tahoe and she made her dream come true. It was a little ceremony, cute and full of people that love her. It was also an excuse to get away from the hot valley. She looked gorgeous in every way that she could. 

I wore a romper that I purchased from Charolette Russe, lace up heels and jewelry also from Charolette Russe. Here is a picture of my cousin Raquel, my Hunny and I. After we had dinner (an expensive dinner) and some gambling! A really fun night and will remember it for the rest of my life. 

And the rest of the pictures are from the rest of the trip and some site seeing! I hope that you enjoy and if you have been I would love to hear about your experience. If you would like me to post the makeup look that I wore, just let me know in the comments! Here is a little close up of the look. 

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