Jaclyn Hill Makeup Look 


I have really been wanting to play around with some of the eyeshadows that I hardly ever touch. I was in my drawer and noticed that I had a lot of different green shadows. I haven’t yet don’t a look with this shade on my blog, so why not post one? It gives me a chance to play with makeup, be creative and look pretty all at the same time! I am calling it the Jaclyn Hill Makeup Look because I feel like she would enjoy and work really well with these colors. I kind of feel like she just recently did a look similar to this come to think of it. 

Here is a picture of all the products that are on my face. I used a lot of Mac eyeshadows today. 

For this look I stated with my everyday face makeup routine, but got a little fancy with the eyes. 


  • To give myself a clean line I used the best hack of life, tape! If you haven’t used tape when applying your line and shadow, you should. 
  • To prime my lids, I used soft ochre paint pot. 
  • For my inner corner and brow bone I used Mac Sweet Heat, extra dimension eyeshadow. 
  • Crease I went in with shimmermoss, this is a mermaid color I would say. 
  •  I took Newley Minted and really focused that color on the outer corner. 
  • For my lid I went in with swimming and made sure to blend that in with the crease color. 
  • And to darken up the outer corner even more I took Cha Cha Cha and just did a little more smoking. Again all of these shadows are from Mac Cosmetics. 
  • I also used shimmermoss on my lower lash line. 
  • to brighten my eyes and make me look more awake, I took eye bright by Benifit and placed that in my water line. 
  • Winged out my liner 
  • And of corse applied a generous amount of mascara to the top and bottom lashes. 


  • I applied a primer today and switched up my highlighter. I went for a more gold highlight today. 
  • I contoured my face as always 
  • Blush is Romantic Rose by Milani. 

And that is about it for this look, feel free to apply false lashes. 

For my everyday routine, click 

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