Makeup storage 

Here is my little makeup set up that I have done myself. Why pay a bunch of money for a vanity, I bought my desk at a garage sale for $30. I plan on painting it along with my chair and making it look new. As of now this is my set up. I hope that you like it. 

My chair is just an old kitchen table chair, my table broke so I kept one chair to sit and do my makeup. I want to up cycle my whole set up, just don’t know what I am going to go with yet. My ring light I got off of amazon for about $70. I absolutely love this bad boy! I will leave the link down below. Defiantly worth the money if you have it. 

Take a look into my single eyeshadow drawer!   
Here is a little zoom in on what is on top of my desk. To the right I have my little drawer that holds my single eyeshadows and pigments. On top of that are my speakers, I love to listen to music constantly. I also have some pallets that I use often or that I need to remember to use. I have a ring holder and a pencil hold with some hair ties and Bobby pins. Next to that are two pink containers that I got at hobby lobby, they hold my brushes in them. To the left of those is a container holding some blushes and highlighters, I keep them out because they don’t fit into the drawer of the desk. Moving on to the bigger box in front of that one is my everyday makeup container. I keep those products together so that I am not constantly looking for what I need, it does change pretty often though. Next is just some of my favorite hair products, I am think about posting a blog about all of those and more details about them. On top of the three drawer unit is all of my foundations, I am constantly trying new brands and different foundations. Finally, the three drawer unit that you see holds all of my lip products! I would have to say  that lippies are my favorite makeup products to purchase. Here is a peek of what is inside.  

Top drawer.

Second drawer. 


Third drawer.


Next is inside my desk! This is where I keep my face powders, blushes, eyeshadow pallets, eyelashes, and concealers! And that is all of this tour! This is just a little before tour before I fix up my desk and chair and move it all into my (coming soon) beauty room! I hope that you all enjoyed it. Be sure to follow me on here and all of my social media! We can become friends and I am always up for a collaboration. 


Ring light:


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19 thoughts on “Makeup storage 

    1. Lol I take pride in my collection and it just keeps expanding! I plan on doing a post just about all of my lippies. I will defiantly check yours out! I just recently change up my setting. I rearrange my room pretty often lol.


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