Another weekend🎉

Ah, another weekend gone by. I feel as if this was a longer weekend then usual. We were so busy and had so much fun! I hope that you all had a great weekend, I would love to hear about what you all did. 

Friday was an amazing night, my grandpa turned 66 on the 20th and had a party. I danced and drank all night! The best part about the whole situation is that he lives next door to me, so I just walked home! No driving necessary. He had street tacos, a DJ and all of the alcohol you could ever imagine! Talk about a good time. No hangover that next day, thankfully (Drink responsibly).

Saturday morning my Hunny and I are feeling generous, so we took my sister and cousins out for some good breakfast! My baby sister (Sierra) is to the left of me. I love her little face. Next is my cousin Kynzie, then her sister Kailynne and then our cousin Kylie. My Hunny hates being in pictures, I try and fail every time. 

That afternoon ended up being a sister day for Sierra and I. We went to the mall, got ourselves a Jamba Juice and did a little shopping. Spending quality time with family is really important to me. You never know when their last day is here on this earth. Enjoy everyone around you while you still can. Even if you just call them and tell them you love them. Every moment is worth it. 

Saturday night ended up being a date night for Brian and I. We went to Me-and-Ed’s pizza for dinner then headed over for some cosmic bowling! That is when I realized how much I suck at bowling, I lost. 

This morning we woke up, cleaned the house and was surprised by the Easter Bunny! Just when you think that you are too old for an Easter basket, your Mammy (Aunt Mandi) shows up with one! I love this little lady! 

An exciting thing that we did today was take our engagement pictures!!! I can’t wait to see them and share them with you all. It was a beautiful day out today and an all around amazing weekend. We ended it with some friends and a barbeque, the best way to end a night.  Here is a picture from the photo shoot that I took myself! 

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