Hello everyone! So I have been seeing this campaign all over my social media; Twitter, YouTube, Instagram. I have decided to take a stand with Tarte Cosmetics and try and spread the love. Everyday people are being cyber bullied, even though you don’t know that person, dose not mean that your words don’t hurt them. It’s ok to give an opinion, it’s not ok to be rude and rip people apart for no reason. I have watched a lot of YouTube videos or have read Tweets about all of the negativity that people are posting. Words hurt, I have been bullied before and it sucks. People are mean because they are jealous or for whatever reason that they have. All that we can do is share love and encourage others to do the same. We are never going to understand why these people say the words that they do. If we could all come together and get at least one other person to stand with us, that is one more person that we have sharing positivity. The next time you see someone being cyber bullied, I encourage you to write something nice about that person and then hashtag #Kissandmakeup. If you believe in this campaign, I encourage you to share your story or share this blog. Let’s stand together and make a difference! #KissandMakeup

3 thoughts on “#KissandMakeup

  1. This is really wonderful. I’m going to do this. I’m very against cyber bullying or any type of bullying for that matter. Thank you for sharing.

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