Amanda Ensing Recreation πŸ’œ

Hello all of my beautiful people, I hope you all have been well! I have recreated a very dark Valentines Day look, originally created by Amanda Ensing. She is an amazing beauty guru on YouTube, I will link the video right Here. So without further ado, let’s get started! 


  • Today I started with my eyes, I like to do my brows, I feel like you can’t really know if your eyeshadow looks good until your brows are done. Then I prime my eyelids, feel free to use whatever primer you think is Nessecary. 
  • I used tape to make sure I got a really clean, precise line. We are working with black, so we don’t want it to end up all over the place. Then I got a black gel liner and used that as a base and applied that just on my lid. That is going to help the black stay and help darken the color. 
  • Next I placed a nuetral brown shade in my crease for out transition shade. 
  • After that is when you start packing a black eyeshadow on your lid. Make sure you start out with a little bit of color, because it is easier to add more than take color away. Black is very intense so take your time.  (Top middle brown color for transition shade.) 
  • After you pack some of the color on your lid, then we can start blending that color toward your crease. Blending is the most important technique ever! You don’t want your eyeshadows to look chalky or spotty. I used Milani’s eyeshadow Bella Black and then placed a shimmery black eyeshadow on top to give it a little extra something.     
  • Just keep blending and building the intensity until you get it to your liking. I also applied black liner in my water line and smudged some black eyeshadow on the lower lash line. Feel free to add lashes to spice up the look. I just popped on some mascara, did some contour and highlight. 
  • For lips I used Colourpop liquid lip in Teeny Tiny and this look is complete! Very simple, but very time consuming. If you don’t get it right off the back, just breath and take your time.   

I hope you all enjoyed this look! It’s not as good as Amanda’s, but I tried my best and hope you all liked it!  Make sure to keep in touch and follow me on all of my social media! Please like, comment and follow, I would greatly appreciate it. 

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