No makeup Monday! 

Hello my lovelies! This post is going to be a little different from all of my other blog posts. Today I wanted to do a no makeup Monday, I see Demi Lovato always posts her bare face on Mondays. This is a picture of me just waking up, I did absolutely nothing to my face nor did I add a filter. Straight out of bed with a smile and happy to be alive. 

I feel that a lot more of us need to embrace our natural beauty. Makeup is a beautiful thing, but so are you. So for these post, instead of complimenting your contour, I want to leave a comment about your wonderful smile. I want to see you being happy for what you look like with out all of the glitz and glam. Don’t get me wrong, makeup is amazing! I think that before you go and put on another face, you need to take time out of your day to embrace the gorgeous one that you have. Be confident, don’t be afraid to show people your natural beauty. Show off those freckles or moles. Let people know that you are brave and won’t let fake eyelashes keep you from looking as amazing as you do. It’s important to accept what you look like with out makeup and smile, I love my face. This is the face you were given and you only get one, make it worth something. I would love it if you all would join me every other Monday and post a no makeup selfie. Let’s share the positivity for those girls who aren’t as confident. Let’s encourage and inspire women everywhere! 

I want to thank each and every one of you for reading this blog! I can’t wait to see your no makeup Monday posts! Xoxo

Kelsey dawn. 


8 thoughts on “No makeup Monday! 

  1. Hey gurl! Lookin’ flawless, I thought you were pretty cool and seemed like you’d be up to answering the weird questions I came up with for my contribution to the “Beauty Blogger Award” … so I tagged you in it! Have an awesome day!

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