Wedding Wednesday! 

Hello my lovelies! Today’s blog is going to be a little shorter than the rest. I haven’t done anymore planning yet. I did go to a bridal show this past weekend and had so much fun!! I won a couple of shirts that say hubby and wife, they are so cute! I did get a lot of business cards and fliers.  I do plan on making my own cake and cupcakes, so instead of having a normal bachelorette I think I am going to have all of my girls help with the baking and decorating. Does that sound like a good idea? I think it would make the cake so much more special. I will be going to look and hopefully put a deposit on the venue this weekend. I will be posting pictures on Twitter @kelseydawnprov1 if you follow me, you can get the inside scoop! Well that is all for this blog, I hope you all enjoyed! I want to hear about wedding plans that you have in mind! 

Love you all! Xoxo 


2 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday! 

  1. I’ve never heard of anyone having a baking bachelorette party, I think that is a really cute and unique idea! Do you have really creative friends? I think it would be fun to do. You could make that the theme of the party. Just make sure there’s plenty to snack on or your cupcakes may get eaten 😉 best of luck with your party! 🙂 cheers

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    1. Yea all of my friends are very creative. Yea I was thinking of buying some pizza and a bunch of random snacks! Thank you so much!


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