Wedding Wednesday 💍

Happy Wednesday all of you lovely people! I am getting married this year, and since I am going to be doing a lot of planning I thought I would share my journey with all of you! So with that being said, every Wednesday I will post my updated wedding plans. Brian and I cannot wait until our big day comes. 

So far we have a couple of venues we are going to look at, I have the colors, a theme and a date. 

Date: 9.24.16

Colors: light pink, light yellow and grey

Theme: vintage 

I will take pictures of the Venue and maybe you guys can help me decide. 

My grandma owns a flower shop so she will be doing all of my flower arrangements and she will also be giving me away. My father past a few years ago so she is the perfect person for the job! 

I would love to hear about any ideas that you all have! Any dream weddings or your wedding, leave a comment. You can follow me on Pinterest to get a better idea of what I’m looking for. 

Please like, comment and follow! I’ll talk to all of you precious people soon. I will have another post up later on this evening. 

15 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday 💍

  1. Congrats to you and beautiful color choice. I too have picked the vintage theme. We are getting married in April so I am in high gear Planning mode, I hope you enjoy yours!


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